Jose Vasquez - July 25, 2021

Week 3: When Fences Become Fortresses

Mending Fences

Do you live behind the walls of offense? It hurts when all you do is hold onto the hurt; God doesn’t want that for our lives. You are deceived if you believe withholding forgiveness benefits you. There is a blessing when we do what the word of God says, and it opens the door of opportunity for blessings and maturity. In Romans 12, we learn that peace is our choice, to grasp, to take hold of. Are you sowing the truth or sowing the things you don’t want? When you find it difficult to forgive, take a moment to reflect on the debt Jesus paid. He knew that we could not repay yet, He laid his life down so we could be free! We have been learning from the sluggard that there is no fruit when we choose to live by worldly standards or rules. True life, the good life is the gift of forgiveness; to give and to receive. Today, as you listen to this message open your hearts to the freedom and let go of those offenses.

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