Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the life-blood of our church!


Bridge Kids is looking for fun, creative, positive, and energetic people to show our kids God’s love!  If you are interested in teaching or assisting, and can engage kids with creative arts, crafts, and interactive activities, we have a place for you.  Opportunities are available serving kids from Pre-k through Elementary school ages


LINK’D Students is looking for fun, upbeat, and positive people to show our students God’s love and engage them in becoming a part of our community! If you’re interested in serving Jr. High and High School age students and have the ability to relate with teenagers, while having fun with them, we have a place for you.


We are looking for people that are creatively and technology inclined with a desire to help make the gospel more than a message, but an experience. If you can run a video camera, have graphic design experience, or are skilled in the areas of sound and lighting, we have a place for you. If you are a behind the scenes kind of person this is a great area for you.


We are looking for skilled musicians and singers.  If you are experienced and have a selfless/team-oriented mentality that is driven to put Jesus at the forefront of all we do, we would love for you to join our team and audition.


If you have a friendly attitude, love people and enjoy serving others from the heart, you will feel right at home working with this team! Service team members provide first-class service to our guests from the Moment they enter our doors. They open doors, ensure the safety and security of all, Serve coffee with a smile, greet and speak to guests, give directions to guests, seat each of our guests and display the love of jesus in the most practical ways. 


If you enjoy serving people and want to help make a difference in our community this is the right place for you.