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Upside Down

Jesus did not come to give us a religion or to improve upon our old way of life. He did not give Himself as a sacrifice and rise from the dead only to forgive our sin. Jesus came to establish His Kingdom in our lives and to turn our lives upside down. 

Travel Light

Have you ever been excited to go on a trip or a much needed vacation? We do a really good job at getting everything done and off the calendar before we go on our trip. Before we know we start to overpack, load up, and accumulate extra “stuff.” To live a life free, uncomplicated, and with deep and true joy, we must Travel Light. 


Have you ever made a mistake? We’ve all made them. Unfortunately, some of us are so mistaken about mistakes that we can’t even identify that we’ve made them and are therefore, still making the same mistakes. But you don’t have to keep making the same mistakes in life. You don’t have to live with regrets and heartache. You don’t have to keep condemning yourself about past mistakes. You can learn from them and outlive them.