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Big Steppers • Starting Sunday, April 14th

In this series we will examine the profound symbolism of shoes, exploring what it truly means to walk by faith in our daily lives. Just as shoes had diverse meanings for individuals in modern society, they bear even greater significance in the content of the Bible. Throughout the Old Testament, they symbolize various themes such as holiness, readiness, divine care, redemption, and triumph over adversaries. In the New Testament, they represent humility, admission into God’s family, and unwavering trust in Christ. Through practical teachings and reflections, we discovered how to integrate faith into our daily routines and navigate life’s challenges with trust and confidence in God’s guidance.

Tomb Raiders

Leading up to Easter, our new sermon series delves into the profound encounters of individuals who stumbled upon the empty tomb following Jesus’ resurrection. Through a profound exploration of their experiences, we aim to unveil the timeless significance of the empty tomb and its enduring impact on our lives today. By dissecting the narratives of those who witnessed this pivotal event, we seek to illuminate how the resurrection of Jesus serves as the cornerstone of our faith, offering us hope for the future, peace for the present, protection from the perils of darkness, and a profound sense of purpose in our daily lives.


In this series, we dive into the bold vision Jesus had for the world,. We will learn how to be BOLD in our faith as we are praying daily for 30,893 souls. This vision extends beyond mere words, advocating for tangible actions rooted in love and service, catalyzing enduring change within our community. Despite doubts that may arise, we’re urged not to let the enormity of the task diminish our trust in God’s power and our dedication to fulfilling His call.

Into The Future

Standing at the dawn of a new era, we collectively understand that the future isn’t a distant, untouchable concept; rather, it’s intimately intertwined with our present actions, guided by divine proximity. This moment marks the beginning of a journey, a call to embark on a path marked by increased faith and courageous strides. It’s a collective journey into the future, starting now, with every individual playing a crucial role. The next ten years, painted with the promise of new beginnings and spiritual fulfillment, are not just a continuation of time but an opportunity for transformation, starting today with each of us.

Encounters with Jesus

In this series, we are focusing on the first encounters that different people had with Jesus at his birth, and we are digging in to see what they teach us about allowing Jesus into our lives as Lord and Savior, and how his presence should impact us on a practical level for the remainder of our lives.