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The Kingdom of God is not made up of subjects but of priests/priestesses. As the priesthood, we all share an equal responsibility to minister to God to minister to each other in the church and to those outside the church in need of Christ.

In this message, we lean into the life of a man who rejected his royalty and did not accept his place at the king’s table. God expects a return on our life, our time, and the resources He has put in our trust. Once we mature we stop making excuses and start making changes that allow us to sit at His table and to believe that we are a royal priesthood.

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Bridge Kids

We believe that growing with God should be an experience for your children. On a weekly basis, we teach the same content from youth to adults in an age-appropriate fashion that is practical, engaging and fun.

Connect Groups

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. We believe that church is more than just a Sunday Service experience. It’s about caring for one another and growing together as we build long lasting relationships on the journey of faith.

Something For Everyone

We thrive as a church by the relationships that are fostered here. That’s why we provide something for everyone! Throughout the year we provide various activities, events, and outings tailored to women, men, youth and children. 

Connecting With Our Community

We believe that the church is most effective when we step outside the walls. Therefore, we host a series of events and outreaches throughout the year, and monthly programs that demonstrate the love of God throughout our region, while giving people an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people.



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