Share Project

As the body of Christ, we understand that the church does not exist for our benefit, but instead it exists for the world.

Our Share Project is all about stretching ourselves beyond ourselves, so that we can put others first and effectively extend Christ to people in need. Staying true to our vision to help people to personally connect with God, connect with people of faith, and to serve and give back to our surrounding communities, our share fund enables us to reach out and meet needs, while investing the tangible love of God.

How can you help? 


Our Share Project was birthed out of the hearts of people just like you. Consider contributing financially to help us continue to meet the needs of hurting people in the City of Newburgh. For more information about giving online, click here.


Stop being a spectator. Get out of the grandstands of life and get down on the field and begin to give back. Life takes on significance when we give to help another human being.


Consider reaching out and serving someone today, or consider joining all that God is doing through our various service projects and community efforts. Do something out of the ordinary to bless another person. Life becomes fulfilling when we bless and give to others!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the money collected actually goes back into the community?

We currently give 100% back into Share Project initiatives, outreaches, and assistance to families in need.

What type of assistance is available?

We assist with living expenses for families in crisis. We do not assist with hotel rent, loans, cable bills, car payments, or credit card bills.

Who is eligible to apply for assistance?

Applicants must be referred by a Church At The Bridge member or a partner organization. Only one person per household may apply for assistance (multiple requests from the same household will be denied.) A household may only receive assistance once per calendar year.

What is the process to apply for Share Project assistance?

All those applying for assistance must fill out a Share Project assistance form in person at our church office and be able to provide a photo ID and supporting documentation upon request.

All forms are reviewed by a committee on a weekly basis and call backs go out to applicants in a timely manner.

All financial assistance is paid directly to the payee organization. All other assistance is available for individuals to pick up after attending a Sunday service. We do not give cash to individuals.

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