Annette Vasquez - May 12, 2024

She Speaks Wisely

She Speaks Wisely dives deep into the timeless wisdom found in Proverbs 31:26, exploring the profound impact of a godly woman's words. This message unpacks how a woman of faith channels divine wisdom through seeking counsel from God's Word, echoing the teachings of King Lemuel's mother as she imparted invaluable advice. Drawing parallels between biblical figures like Deborah and modern-day women, the discussion emphasizes the importance of aligning words with God's truth, speaking with authority grounded in sound doctrine, and embodying God's love in action. 'She Speaks Wisely' inspires women to embrace their role in God's plan, nurturing their families with words of faith, speaking truth with discernment, and living out God's love in every aspect of life.

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