Jose Vasquez - February 11, 2024

Week 1: Bold Vision

Jesus had a bold vision for salvation for the world, inspiring us to adopt our own God-sized vision. We envision transforming the city of Newburgh, believing in the power of prayer to reach 30,893 souls and populate heaven. We learn that Jesus aimed to deliver not just individuals but entire cities, emphasizing the importance of taking bold individual steps like Paul's efforts at Philippi (Acts 16:13). Our journey involves continually reassessing our vision, as seen in Mark 8:23-25, where Jesus gradually restored a blind man's sight, teaching us to see beyond surface judgments and embrace God's purposes. We emphasize staying fixed on the vision while remaining flexible in our methods (Isaiah 64:8), recognizing that navigating the seas of faith requires constant adjustments. Join us as we strive to impact lives, one bold step at a time, and illuminate the path to Christ's transformative power.

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