Jose Vasquez - August 15, 2021

Week 1: Called To Belong

Welcome to our new series, “I’m Alright.” We are going to be diving into the book of Romans. At the time this letter was written, Rome was heavily influenced by Greek mythology and idol worship. Jews were being banned from Rome because they refused to partake and acknowledge Emperor Claudius as god and Gentiles and Jews were now in the church. This brought about discontent because some believed in Old Testament law, and created division between who belonged and who didn’t. At times, we can create division in our own lives…seeking answers in horoscopes or so called mystical things but deter from God’s word. He has already declared us righteous and holy and guess what? This includes the unbeliever. As we move through this new series, we will see that God hasn’t asked us to be perfect, or to bring the finest gifts to the alter. He simply has told us to follow Him, love Him, and believe! Paul stated in Romans 1:7, “all loved by God and called to be His holy people.” This applies today, to you! You belong.

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