Jose Vasquez - November 14, 2021

Week 1: It Changes Your Heart

We have reached that time of year where “generosity” comes to be in abundance. Maybe you’ve experienced as of late, where you’re at the drive thru and find out the car in front of you already paid. These things feel good, seem good, and are widely welcomed. However, when we take a moment to reflect on what it means…generosity means more than “doing”; it’s a matter of the heart. This week we venture into Luke 12, where a man expresses the need for money. God’s word shows us that we indeed have everything we need and it goes far beyond material. The Kingdom is given freely to us. Without recognizing this, we lose sight of His abundance and focus on what we define as lack. It’s time to cut back and cut out some of the things that have our hands tied up and so full, that we can’t even receive the heart transplant that God is offering us today. As you open your heart to the power of a generous life, you will reap tranquility and abound to be a blessing!

From Series: "Why?"

When it comes to generosity we tend to view it from the standpoint of the blessings we bestow on others, when in fact the greater blessing belongs to us. In this series we learn how to live a life of generosity and the blessing that it brings unto us.

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