Jose Vasquez - July 11, 2021

Week 1: My Side of The Fence

Today we start a new series, “Mending Fences.” Think about this title for one moment. Now consider this weeks sermon title “your side of the fence.” If we are honest with ourselves, how often do we look at our side of the fence? Have there been small breaks occurring? Or, have you been covering them up to postpone repair? As we dive into this series, God teaches us that we can create personal fortresses of comfort (or discomfort) and miss the intimate details He has laid out before us. In doing so, we can opt for what we know and pass the abundant life He has promised. The walls of Jerusalem were breached and brought to ruin not because of their lack of ability, but their rejection of God’s attempts to rectify issues in their hearts. Unfortunately, the unseen things we keep behind our fences do not prevent nor stop consequences. These consequences can reap a harvest of thorns; ruin relationships, bury vision, or deter us from God’s love. It is similar to leaving the fence gate open. Do you close the entry gate to God and allow the enemy to step in? If you are excluding Him, you are welcoming in all of the enemy’s tactics. Recall what the enemy does - he comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Fences add beauty to a home. They signify a boundary, a welcoming, and protection. No matter how grand they are, if it doesn’t include God your Father - you are defenseless. No matter what your side of the fence looks like, if it’s overgrown with weeds, or thorns...God is with you and will help you repair it.

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