Jose Vasquez - January 14, 2024

Week 1: The Harvest Is Here

We're diving into the profound message of Haggai 2:19, exploring how, like seeds in various stages of growth, we too are under God's nurturing care, poised for a bountiful harvest. Our journey at Church at the Bridge is akin to these seeds – we're in a state of growth and anticipation, trusting in God's plan. This message is a call to action, urging us to look inward, open our hearts, and prepare for the harvest God has promised, recognizing that the seeds of potential and growth are already within us.

From Series: "Into the Future "

Standing at the dawn of a new era, we collectively understand that the future isn't a distant, untouchable concept; rather, it's intimately intertwined with our present actions, guided by divine proximity. This moment marks the beginning of a journey, a call to embark on a path marked by increased faith and courageous strides. It's a collective journey into the future, starting now, with every individual playing a crucial role. The next ten years, painted with the promise of new beginnings and spiritual fulfillment, are not just a continuation of time but an opportunity for transformation, starting today with each of us.

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