Jose Vasquez - July 7, 2024

Week 1: We Are Family

Today’s message, “We Are Family,” draws from Sister Sledge's 1979 disco hit, symbolizing unity and diversity. In today’s world, the church is intended to be a unifying space, yet it often appears as an institution rather than a family, creating divisions that go against God’s design. Ephesians 2:19-21 emphasizes that believers are family members of God's household, continually growing together. However, like the Corinthian church, many modern congregations face internal divisions. The church, therefore, must strive to embody the true essence of being God's family, finding joy in our differences and strengthening one another through love and unity.

From Series: "Summer Playlist"

Join us as we explore profound and practical truths from the Bible, all while referencing popular songs that help reinforce and remember these valuable lessons. Whether you're humming along to a catchy tune or reflecting on a timeless verse, this series promises to blend the joy of music with the wisdom of scripture, making each message both memorable and meaningful.

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