Jose Vasquez - November 21, 2021

Week 2: It Changes Your Situation

This week we continue to dive deeper into the topic of generosity. God has been and is always generous to His children. He shows us that generosity isn’t a feeling, but a lifestyle. We see this in 2 Corinthians, John, and Luke. If we feel challenged by this, we can look at how He would like us to manage generosity in Matthew 14 and Mark 6. God clearly shows us that it isn’t about how we perceive or define generosity. We tend to think it’s based on what we can or cannot do or what we have or do not have. Two important pieces to consider is when God calls you, He has already given provision to do it, and God has entrusted us with the ability to bless others.

From Series: "Why?"

When it comes to generosity we tend to view it from the standpoint of the blessings we bestow on others, when in fact the greater blessing belongs to us. In this series we learn how to live a life of generosity and the blessing that it brings unto us.

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