Jose Vasquez - March 31, 2024

Week 3: A Way Out

Join us in exploring the profound impact of Jesus' resurrection on our lives. We continue to examine the experiences of those who encountered the empty tomb, discovering how it transformed their despair into hope and confusion into clarity. Drawing parallels between the tomb of Jesus and the tombs of our own struggles, we uncover the truth that Jesus doesn't label us but liberates us from the grave clothes that bind us. As we commemorate Easter, let's embrace the invitation to step out of our tombs, aided by the loving hands of those around us, and into the abundant life offered by the risen Savior.

From Series: "Tomb Raiders"

Leading up to Easter, our new sermon series delves into the profound encounters of individuals who stumbled upon the empty tomb following Jesus' resurrection. Through a profound exploration of their experiences, we aim to unveil the timeless significance of the empty tomb and its enduring impact on our lives today. By dissecting the narratives of those who witnessed this pivotal event, we seek to illuminate how the resurrection of Jesus serves as the cornerstone of our faith, offering us hope for the future, peace for the present, protection from the perils of darkness, and a profound sense of purpose in our daily lives.

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