Jose Vasquez - November 28, 2021

Week 3: It Takes Two

Do you operate on your own and believe you have nothing? God takes what you believe is nothing and combines it with His provision. This week we continue to learn that if we surrender to partnership with God, He blesses what we have so we can live generously. He teaches us that diligence and consistence, leads the way to be wise shepherds. Wealth is not measured by money, it’s measured by the use of the opportunities that are laid up for you to apply your hands to. When we co-exist with God as partners, we can be confident that the good work God has commissioned us to do will be completed because we are in partnership with God!

From Series: "Why?"

When it comes to generosity we tend to view it from the standpoint of the blessings we bestow on others, when in fact the greater blessing belongs to us. In this series we learn how to live a life of generosity and the blessing that it brings unto us.

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