Jose Vasquez - September 5, 2021

Week 4: A New Line of Credit

We continue with our latest series, “I’m Alright.” Where are we putting our confidence? If it’s in things, people, or pursuits…these will never sustain you. The only thing that matters is what God has done. This week we see that in Abraham’s story. He was once a pagan worshipper and sought to please a god with things and right actions. Jesus was clear when He told Abraham leave the territory he was so accustomed to. He was telling Abraham leave your comfort zone…leave anything and everything you’ve come to rely on. Abraham believed beyond his qualifications. He decided to embrace God’s direction and let go of his own fears and insecurities. Two points we would like to leave with you as we enter a new week: 1. You don’t have to feel right to be right with God. 2. We become righteous before God before we can ever do anything right for him.

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