Jose Vasquez - April 10, 2022

Week 4: Dont' Miss This Moment

At times “today” may feel heavy, hard, or pointless. Today might appear meaningless or difficult, but it isn't. Your life holds promise right now and what you do with it matters. We can easily miss the promises of God by paying more attention to the past or worrying about tomorrow. But when we turn to God, we get to see the promises in today. Don't miss this moment, there is a promise at work today which God has already made available unto us.

From Series: "Game Changers"

Whether you know it or not, the journey of Christianity is a lot like a game; a competition to prevail, a grand stage before God and others to win, and how you respond to this and what you do can change the results of the game for you and those watching you! As Christians, the win isn't solely about us, it's about people far from God that He wants to bring near.

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