Joshua Diaz - February 4, 2024

Week 4: Into The Future With Courage

In this message, we learn about the transformative journey of Peter, who left all he knew to embark on a new life with Jesus. We learn how to courageously accept a new identity and to be courageous moving forward. It concludes with a powerful call for the Church to experience growth from the inside out, becoming a source of strength and reliability. We also draw parallels with the construction stages of a house and how as Christians to assess our spiritual progress.

From Series: "Into the Future "

Standing at the dawn of a new era, we collectively understand that the future isn't a distant, untouchable concept; rather, it's intimately intertwined with our present actions, guided by divine proximity. This moment marks the beginning of a journey, a call to embark on a path marked by increased faith and courageous strides. It's a collective journey into the future, starting now, with every individual playing a crucial role. The next ten years, painted with the promise of new beginnings and spiritual fulfillment, are not just a continuation of time but an opportunity for transformation, starting today with each of us.

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