Jose Vasquez - August 1, 2021

Week 4: Just Say No

What would the sluggards life look like if he said no? No to the thorns, weeds, and overcast of doubt, hurts, or troubles. This week we explore the power of “No.” It is such a short word but carries a strong meaning for many of us. You may be surprised but “no” can keep you within the confounds of God and His will for your life. He doesn’t ask us to agree with every request or task rather He reminds us that setting limits are healthy and prosperous. This doesn’t come with declining others first, in fact, we are to crucify our flesh first, to bring our own things into submission. When we don’t place discipline to our desires or faulty thinking, we are sacrificing the prize. Consider Jesus saying “no” to the enemy, as he continued to tempt him. He was not concerned with hurting his feelings, worried about his opinion rather Jesus knew what His Father wanted for Him and nothing could convince Him otherwise. God does not ask us to enslave ourselves, appease others, or erase boundaries. He wants us to learn from the sluggard and protect the life He’s given us; a life of freedom!

From Series: "Mending Fences"

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