Jose Vasquez - December 24, 2023

Week 4: The Greatest Gift of All

In this message, we dive into the journey of the wise men who traveled to Jerusalem to worship Jesus, the newborn king. The wisdom of these men is exemplified not just in their knowledge and search for Jesus, but in the meaningful gifts they presented: gold, recognizing Jesus as the atoning sacrifice; frankincense, acknowledging His life as a sacred offering; and myrrh, signifying His anointed purpose in salvation and healing. These gifts were not to add value to Jesus but to reflect their understanding of the value He added to their lives. We are reminded that the greatest gift we can give is our life, making room for God's blessings and plans.

From Series: "Encounters With Jesus "

In this series, we are focusing on the first encounters that different people had with Jesus at his birth, and we are digging in to see what they teach us about allowing Jesus into our lives as Lord and Savior, and how his presence should impact us on a practical level for the remainder of our lives.

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