Jose Vasquez - November 12, 2023

Week 4: The Light Always Shines In The Dark

In today's message, we dive into the wisdom of Psalm 23:4. This scripture passage, reveals that even the faithful like David can experience challenging times while in dark valleys. We learn how dark times do not signify God's absence but rather His enduring presence, guiding us through life's valleys. Discover the transformative power of embracing the unfamiliar with God, where we find guidance and growth.

From Series: "The Good Shepherd"

This sermon series is all about getting to know God for who he really is. This is so important because unless we grow in our understanding of who God is, we will not effectively relate to him, nor will we enjoy life in a relationship with him. One of the most powerful ways that God reveals himself to us is by depicting himself as a shepherd. As we come to know the Lord as our Shepherd, we'll find ourselves experiencing life as cared-for sheep, able to trust in His goodness and love, both now and forever.

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