Jose Vasquez - September 24, 2023

Week 4: The Power of Together

In this sermon message, we discover how "together" is not just a concept but a strategy embedded in the very fabric of creation. While God orchestrated the plan to breach the walls of Jericho and brought them down, it was through Joshua and a united people that this miraculous defeat was achieved. Gain a fresh perspective on the meaning of "together" and how it catalyzes success

From Series: "Till The Walls Fall Down"

In this series, we're diving into the powerful theme of breaking through the barriers that hinder our progress, blind us to God's blessings, overwhelm us with their imposing size, and hold us back from stepping into new beginnings with unwavering momentum. Our journey through this series draws inspiration from a pivotal moment in Israel's history when they embarked on a military campaign that marked the beginning of their conquest of the promised land. This battle yielded a profound victory that still holds the transformative power to break down our lives' walls if we are willing to heed its lessons.

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