Jose Vasquez - May 22, 2022

Week 5: Honoring People Among Us

People among us are those that operate in our current sphere of influence and life. They are people that we routinely cross paths with, rub shoulders with, and share similar experiences and commonalities with. We come across them routinely, but we don't take interest in them beyond what's necessary, or we do take interest in them at some point because of what they add to us. If honor unto those among us is contingent upon who it is, what they do, if they deserve, if they'll recieve or if they honor us. The truth is that we don't understand honor and aren't doing it, because the decision isn't already settled in our hearts before we encouter them. To love and honor your neighbor requires appreciating the honor thawt God has bestowed upon your life.

From Series: "The Secret Sauce"

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your walk with God? Have you ever wondered why it appears that God is working in the lives of others and not yours? Have you ever felt like God’s promises are afar off for you? In this series we learn about honor and how it proves to be the secret sauce that brings life full circle and releases God’s great rewards unto us.

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