Jose Vasquez - August 8, 2021

Week 5: The Way of Wisdom

As we conclude the series, “Mending Fences,” we learn more about God’s wisdom for our lives. From the sluggard, who had it all to the fall of mankind, we see that when we operate in our own strength and desires, our fences are compromised. In Genesis, Adam and Eve forsook God’s wisdom when they sought after their own desires and ate from the tree of knowledge. We learn that they were overwhelmed with shame and tried to hide from God. More importantly, this tells us the enemy will look for ways to convince us that what God says can be waived or altered. If you’d like peace and security within your life, seek God’s wisdom at all costs. When we prioritize other voices, people, or accolades, we are choosing to look away from the wisdom He has gifted us. Proverbs 24:5-6 reminds us that wisdom isn’t found in a place of seclusion. We are not asked to live life alone behind our fences. God wants us to strengthen one another, to build and maintain out of His wisdom and love.

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