Jose Vasquez - July 31, 2022

Week 5: Unpacking Unforgiveness

Is the weight of unforgiveness worth carrying for the rest of your life? One of the heaviest pieces of luggage that some of us tend to lug around in life is unforgiveness. Have you considered how quickly we are offended? What about considering that we get to choose peace? A sobering piece of wisdom is realizing your offender is not the person that did you wrong, your offender is the plank you keep in your eye (which is determining how you perceive everything). When we do this, we are using what we interpret as harmful or painful, and inflicting the same onto others around us. When we wait on someone else, we hand over our freedom. You are free to forgive. You can live without hurts and walk in peace. You are free to heal.

From Series: "Travel Light"

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