Jose Vasquez - September 19, 2021

Week 6: Breaking Free

Join us as we go into week 6 of the latest series, I’m Alright! This week we explore what it means to break free. Break free from our past lives, past mistakes, past mindsets. One of the most difficult things that any follower of Christ faces is breaking free from the identity we held prior to Christ. In Romans 6, it brings light to an important truth that we must come to grips with. Christ broke the power of sin, so that we can break free. In order for us to live in Christ, we have to let go of what once broke us. There is no freedom in that place. If you’re struggling with your beliefs, who are you believing and what are you believing? Perspective through the rear view mirror is meant to protect us, not bind us. You are no longer bound to what is behind you. God has a new and better life for you. Believe it and step into it today!

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