Jose Vasquez - February 6, 2022

Week 6: What's Next?

What comes after the victory? True victory leads us to pass on the victory to others so they can also win. In Matthew 5:14-16, He says we are the light of the world…. Jesus says you are the light of the world. Yes, you! You are how Christ is revealed so the world around you can see who the Savior is. We aren’t to hide our victories, live your faith openly (Mark 5:20). Believe it or not, someone is always watching and learning from you. As you move forward in your week, think about your testimony. Those very stories are true power and encouragement to someone else’s life. Don’t stop learning and growing because there will be more victories to be had.

From Series: "Chasing Lions"

When the image of a man-eating beast travels through the visual cortex, the brain sends the body an urgent message: run! That’s what normal people do, but not lion chasers. Rather than seeing a five-hundred-pound problem, they see an opportunity for God to show up and show His power. In this series we look to 2 Samuel 23 and examine the life of some of David’s mightiest men. We start with Benaiah, a man who chased a lion into its territory and overcame it, and through rest of this series learn how to unleash faith and courage needed to identify, chase, and catch the five-hundred-pound dreams God has given you and change your world.

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