Jose Vasquez - February 27, 2022

Week 3: Essentials to Effective Prayer

Have you ever prayed like you were at a gambling machine? You were hoping and wishing God would hear you, if you said the right words at the right time. We often underestimate the reality that our God hears us each time. Jesus told us to pray about everything, not when circumstances tell us. Each time you pray, you are inviting God to aid you as it ignites a power between you and Him. When you know what God's will is through His Word, you can pray effective prayers because you are asking according to what pleases God.

From Series: "House of Prayer"

Prayer is so much more than the words and requests that we often direct toward God. Prayer is a meeting place for the development of personal relationship with God. Through this series we will learn how to develop a heart for prayer, how to become more intimate with God, and how to pray effectively.

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